Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God

Jesus is Lord!

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    Int'l Believer's Victory Conf.          Jerry Savelle, Creflo Dollar, Fred Price Jr.,   Keith Moore, Jeff 08/15

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    Jeff on TBN in California

Jeff has ministered on TBN, VTN, Daystar, Lesea, TCT, JCTV and PTN television!

eLetter  Click Here Message:Power of the Tongue  Also, Pix of Jeff filming the new movie "Rally2"

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           Jeff's "Faithto faith"  program teaching the Good news of Jesus! - Channel listings    

            Watch Jeff on the  "On The Road"   program w/ Rick Reyna on TBN archived 

            Watch Jeff on "The Harvest Show" LeSEA TV!  (Archived- "Show info", then "guests")

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